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    The SOFTWARE is protected by national copyright laws and international 
    treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. The 
	This document represents a Legal Agreement between YOU (either as an individual 
	or a single entity) and SMARTEK (hereinafter referred to as "SMARTEK" for the 
	SOFTWARE product identified  above, which includes computer software and may include 
	associated media, printed materials, and "online" or electronic documentation ("SOFTWARE"). 
	The SOFTWARE also includes any updates and supplements to the original software product 
	provided to YOU by "SMARTEK". By installing, copying, downloading, accessing or otherwise 
	using the SOFTWARE, YOU agree to be bound by the terms of this LICENSE AGREEMENT. If YOU 
	do not agree to the terms of this license agreement, DO NOT INSTALL OR USE THE SOFTWARE, 
	you may, however, return it to your place of purchase for a full refund.

        Subject to the remaining terms of this agreement and to payment of 
        applicable license fees, YOU, as an individual are granted a personal,
        sole, nontransferable, nonexclusive license to use the SOFTWARE on one 
        computer with one domain name or multiple domain names pointing to same 
        TCP/IP Address, BUT NOT BOTH. If you are a corporation or other
        non-individual entity, you shall designate one individual within your 
        organization who shall have the above right to use the SOFTWARE. All use
        of the SOFTWARE is subject to the requirement that the person accessing 
        the SOFTWARE is the designated user or his authorized delegate pursuant 
        to this LICENSE AGREEMENT.

    2.  COPIES: 
        You may make additional copies of the SOFTWARE necessarily incidental to
        the use of the program or for archival purposes provided each such copy 
        shall be treated in the same manner as the terms and conditions 
        contemplated by this LICENSE AGREEMENT. You may not permit other 
        individuals to use the SOFTWARE except in accordance with the terms of
        this AGREEMENT. You may not remove any proprietary notices, agreements 
        or labels on or accompanying the SOFTWARE.
    3.  UPDATES: 

        The SOFTWARE and any updates provided pursuant to this Agreement or 
        pursuant to any support agreement with "SMARTEK" for the SOFTWARE
        ("Updates") are licensed as a single product; the Updates may not be
        separated from the SOFTWARE for use by more than one user.
    4.  BREACH:
        This AGREEMENT will automatically terminate if you materially breach any
        provision of this AGREEMENT including non-payment of the license fee. 
        Upon termination, you agree to cease all use of the SOFTWARE and to 
        destroy all associated written materials and copies of the SOFTWARE in 
        your possession and provide "SMARTEK" with written confirmation of such
        actions having been taken..
        The SOFTWARE is owned by "SMARTEK" ; this LICENSE AGREEMENT does not 
        constitute a sale of the SOFTWARE. The SOFTWARE is protected by copyright
        law, and its structure, organization and code are valuable trade secrets
        of "SMARTEK". You may not rent, lease, or sublicense the SOFTWARE. You
        may not reverse engineer, decompile, translate, decrypt encrypted pages
        or disassemble the SOFTWARE. This AGREEMENT is not assignable or 
        transferable without the express written consent of "SMARTEK". This 
        AGREEMENT may be modified only in writing signed by an authorized 
        employee of "SMARTEK".

        "SMARTEK" warrants that the software will perform substantially in
        accordance with the accompanying written materials for a period of thirty
        days (30) from the date of receipt. "SMARTEK'S" entire liability
        and your exclusive remedy under any warranty or legal theory shall be 
        replacement of the SOFTWARE orreturn of the price paid.
    7.  "SMARTEK" disclaims all other warranties, either express or implied,
        including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability
        and fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to the SOFTWARE, and
        the accompanying written materials. This warranty and remedies set forth
        above are exclusive and in lieu of any other warranty, oral or written,
        express or implied. 

        (a) "SMARTEK" shall not be liable to YOU for any loss or damage
        howsoever caused arising directly or indirectly in connection with this
        LICENSE, the SOFTWARE, its use or otherwise, except to the extent that
        such liability may not be lawfully excluded under the applicable law. 
    b.  Notwithstanding the generality of (a) above, "SMARTEK" expressly
        excludes liability for indirect, special, incidental or consequential
        loss or damage which may arise in respect of the SOFTWARE, its use, in
        respect of other equipment or property, or for loss of profit, business
        revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings. 
    c.  In the event that any exclusion contained in this AGREEMENT shall be held
        to be invalid for any reason and "SMARTEK" becomes liable for loss or
        damage that may lawfully be limited, such liability shall be limited to
        the license fee paid by YOU for the SOFTWARE.
        "SMARTEK" shall be under no liability to YOU in respect of anything 
        which, apart from this provision, may constitute breach of this LICENSE
        AGREEMENT arising by reason of force majeure.


        The SOFTWARE and/or user documentation are provided with RESTRICTED AND
        LIMITED RIGHTS. Use, duplication, or disclosure by the U.S. Government is
        subject to restrictions as set for the FAR 52.227-14 (June 1987)
        alternate III(g)(3) (June 1987), FAR 52.227-19 (June, 1987), or DFARS 
        252.227-7013<c>(1)(ii) (June, 1987, as applicable. Contractor is: 
        SMARTEK, 550 Valley Lane, Atlanta, GA 30328. 

        This LICENSE AGREEMENT shall be interpreted in accordance with, and
        governed by, the laws in force in the State of Georiga, USA,
        excluding the application of its conflict of law rules. If any 
        provision of this AGREEMENT shall be held invalid, unlawful or
        unenforceable, such provision shall to that extent be severed from the
        remaining terms so that this AGREEMENT shall otherwise remain in full
        force and effect, and enforceable.